Arlington WIN! Select Board Listens to its Mothers on Future Act

On Monday, October 7, the Arlington Select Board passed a resolution in support of the principles of the Future Act. This is state legislation that would make our current gas system safer and provide a road map for the utilities to transition away from gas. 

Brucie Moulton, one of the Arlington Team Co-coordinators, first brought this to the Select Board in September. They asked for more information and decided to return to the issue on October 7. Brucie provided them with extensive information about the Future Act and organized people to attend the meeting. Brucie then spoke eloquently in support of the resolution. When she asked all the members of Mothers Out Front to stand, an audible gasp went through the room at the number of us who were there.  




Except for one Select Board member who recused himself because of his professional connection to the gas industry, the resolution passed unanimously and the other Select Board members expressed their belief in the importance of the principles of the Future Act and their appreciation for the work of Mothers Out Front. 


Here's an excerpt from Brucie Moulton’s testimony: (click the text below to see the entire statement).

Mass. has the second oldest gas distribution infrastructure in the U.S.  It is beset with leaks. Those leaks (1) waste consumer s’ money (we pay for all the lost gas in Mass.),  (2) pollute our air with toxic chemicals that are bad for our health, (3) continually release the GHG methane  which is a potent driver of climate change; (4) kill nearby trees; (5) and occasionally cause explosions.


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