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Mothers Out Front Acton has been working for 3 years on methane leaks. Acton has over 200 gas leaks! In July of 2020 we launch our CanaryTree campaign focussing on the impact gas leaks have on the street trees of Acton.  CLICK HERE to find out about trees in your neighborhood and what you can do!



Read about the Canary Tree campaign at Wicked Local Acton HERE

Mothers Out Front members in action



July 10 Java With John

Hosted by Town Manager John Mangiaratti

Check out Jude Aronstein discussing the Canary Tree Campaign (starting at 18 minutes)


A few of our successes to celebrate:

  • Held 2 public forums on methane gas leaks
  • Conducted an energy efficiency presentation created by Mothers Out Front of MA.
  • Hosted an induction party.
  • Requested of the Town of Acton a full gas leak extant survey and got it!
  • Engaged students at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School to create a website of all our leaks, incorporating the leak size survey.  GasLeaksActonAdditionally students testified at a DPU hearing.
  • Created an art installation of gas leaks called  "Invisible Made Visible". The installation has 196 bamboo poles standing upright to demonstrate what ~200 leaks look like. We have installed "Invisible Made Visible" in 3 prominent locations throughout Acton. Click here for news coverage of the installation!
  • Promoted Acton Power Choice (community electric aggregation).
  • Tree Campaign


Mother Out Front Judith Aronstein recently recorded this video and tweeted:

Gas leak. Invisible made visible. Seeing is believing.


Come join us as we strategize new campaigns!