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Arlington Leaders Speak Out 

Thinking about Opting Up to 50% or 100% renewable energy as part of Arlington's Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program? Read what your neighbors and leaders are saying!



Adam Chapdelaine, Arlington Town Manager

"Opting-Up to 100% locally sourced renewable energy via Arlington's Community Choice Aggregation is something that my wife and I are both pleased and proud to be able to do. It is nice to be a part of something that as an individual may have limited impact, but as a community has the potential to significantly impact the generation of renewable energy in New England."



Joe_Curro.jpgJoe Curro, Arlington Selectman

"At a time of great national and global debate regarding appropriate policy responses to the many threats posed by rapid climate change, it is refreshing to have a way to act locally as individuals and families. A complete, affordable, and convenient local green solution is literally empowering in every sense of the word."



 Jennifer_Susse.pngJennifer Susse, Arlington School Committee

"On environmental issues, it is easy to think that one's individual actions don't really make a difference. With the Town's new Community Choice Aggregation electricity program, we have the opportunity to aggregate our individual actions (both by not opting out and by opting up) in order to nudge the state to accelerate the rate at which electricity comes from renewable sources. I am happily choosing to pay a little more each month to help put some weight behind that nudge."



Annie_LaCourt.pngAnnie LaCourt, Former Arlington Selectman

"I signed up for 100% green for these reasons: Its not that much more expensive and I can afford it.The more demand there is for renewable energy the more of it we will produce.  The more we produce and the cheaper it gets.  This is market making.  Its not just about the fact that it will reduce my carbon foot print AND make that new electric car I intend to buy in a few years as green as possible . It will help create the market for renewables that will attract the investments in technology development that will finally kill the fossil fuel industry. If we have to be a capitalist society then lets as least use its levers to get where we need to go."


Jacquie_Chakrabarty.jpgJacquie Chakrabarty, Arlington Resident and Director of Research and Outreach Activities for Boston University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy

"I have lived in Arlington since 2007, I am a Town Meeting Member, and I have worked on clean energy for over ten years. My family will opt up to 100% since we care deeply about driving rapid reductions greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the renewable energy that is used in our electric grid is a critical aspect of that. We as individuals need to step up and create the change to ensure that our planet is habitable for our children and grandchildren, and community efforts such as this can have an appreciable effect."

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