2020 Big Legislative Ask Week

Thank you!

Thank you everyone who made calls, sent emails, made calls again, and spread the word about making calls to our Senators to support amendments to one of the big climate bills, S.2477! You have proven that Mothers Out Front has the power and is nimble enough to move quickly to make bold climate legislation a reality. Thank you to Community Team co-ordinators, to the Legislative Team members, and to activated members all.

Six of our priority amendments passed, six failed and 8 were withdrawn. For the details on amendments, click here. For a summary see below.

Overall there are many strengths to this bill. It calls for being carbon neutral in 2050, includes carbon pricing and parts of the FUTURE Act as well as a number of steps in the right direction for Environmental Justice. And this isn't the last chance for some of our priority amendments. Many of the amendments that were withdrawn during debate will reappear in other bills. Amendments and how they fared are below.


Call and Email Your Representative TODAY Feb 5.

We need to get our priority bills out of the Telecommunications, Energy and Utilities Committee (TUE) by Wednesday 2/5. There's a chance that an extension will be granted, in which case we'll have more time to lobby and meet with our Reps, but that's not what we're asking for.

Here's a call script and email sample.

Once you've done your call and email, consider taking the SuperMom Challenge and influence the Vice-Chair of TUE, Rep Caroline Dykema. See the suggestions on this page.


Mothers Out Front's Priority Amendments to Senate bill 2477, An Act Setting Next Generation Climate Policy


1. Amendments that ensure that carbon pollution pricing in the S.2477 is effective and equitable:

PASSED - Amendment 11 (Senator Friedman), Regulations to Protect Low-Income Households

PASSED - Amendment 29 (Senator Friedman), Reporting on Benefits to Low-Income Residents, which will help to ensure that low and moderate income residents will receive benefits from the funds resulting from carbon pollution pricing. Benefits include additional rebates, job opportunities, access to clean energy and more.

WITHDRAWN - Amendment 34 (Senator Lewis), Advancing economy-wide carbon pricing, which wlll shorten the time frame for implementing the carbon pricing mechanisms.  Surely, the science urges us to make that time frame as short as possible.

FAILED - Amendment 80 (Senator Chang-Diaz), Re-investing in Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction, and Our Communities, which will require that 30 percent of money collected from, carbon pricing be spent on green infrastructure and 40 percent of that amount be invested in lower income communities.  This is a top priority of the Green Justice Coalition and other groups focused on protecting lower and middle income families .

FAILED - Amendment 108 (Senator Comerford), Regional Equity in CO2 Limit Regulations 

PASSED - Amendment 111 (Senator Comerford) Rural Equity, which will ensure that rural communities will be protected from being unduly harmed by a carbon pricing scheme.

PASSED - Amendment 120 (Senator Comerford), Broad Inclusion on Climate Policy Commission, written with the AFL-CIO and the Green Justice Coalition calling for representatives from Labor and Environmental Justice communities to be included on the Climate Policy Commission.


2. Amendments filed by Senator Creem to catalyze the transition to clean thermal energy and ensuring that gas companies are accountable

Here are the results and explanation of all 10 of the amendments filed by Senator Creem related to the FUTURE Act.

PASSED - Amendment 39 which permits a gas company with an approved pilot to bill for thermal energy and provides third-party evaluation of pilot outcomes to ensure validity and transparency.


3. Amendments that promote environmental justice.

WITHDRAWN - 89 (Senator Feeney), Giving Energy Sector Workers a Voice - Adds language to protect workers displaced by advancements in the renewable sector

PASSED - Amendment 105 (Senator Chang-Diaz), DPU mandate  - Adds "equity" to the DPU's mission statement

FAILED - 113 (Senator Eldridge), Energy efficiency advisory council  - Adds environmental justice and youth representation to the energy efficiency commission



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