2019 Goals

  Description Progress
Impact Goal #1
  • By the end of 2019, 1000 households in Arlington will have chosen to opt up to 50% or 100% Green Energy through the Community Choice Aggregation program.
  • The default percent rate of Green Energy use by our municipality will increase.
Impact Goal #2
  • We will hold 5 events that educate the public about how and why they should transition home energy use away from fossil fuels.


From Paris to Pittsburg Screening

Induction Cooking Demonstrations at two Arlington Elementary School Science Nights


Impact Goal #3
  • We will launch a task force focused on engaging mothers with young children.
 Well underway -- June 9 playgroup was successful; Playground Concert upcoming July 14.
Media Goal: 
  • Place 10 news articles or stories that spread the word about Mothers Out Front and connect in some way to our larger goals.
Completed ~4-5 to date

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