Brookline launches energy efficiency effort with Community Meeting

More than 40 people attended a presentation by Daria Mark, leader of the Mothers Out Front statewide Task Force on Renewables, on Tuesday, November 7, 2017, at the Coolidge Corner library.   In an hour-long talk, Mark reviewed concrete steps that people can take in order to reduce energy use in the home.  These steps range from replacing light bulbs and washing clothes in cold water, to replacing oil or gas-burning boilers with heat pumps.  Mark detailed the cost savings associated with each step, and the importance of reducing energy usage to fight climate change.
Daria Mark presents energy efficiency in Brookline

Methane Gas Leaks in Brookline have been tagged

There are over 250 active gas leaks in Brookline, making our town the 2nd highest in the state in gas leaks per mile.  On Saturday, May 13th we tagged over 100 gas leaks in every precinct. Read our fact sheet on why gas leaks are important and what you can do to get them fixed.

Persistent gas leak in front of my house

A few days ago, Brookline resident Carrie Bell reached out to us for help with her gas leak problem.   Here is her letter about the gas leak on Walnut St that her neighborhood has been trying to get fixed.

We renovated a beautiful 1852 house on Walnut Street, Brookline, and moved there in August  2013. We live between Lincoln School and the reservoir,  so there is a lot of daily foot traffic. There is a persistent gas smell on the sidewalk in front of our house.

Katie Bacon LTE + Gas Leaks Tagging May 13th 2017

One of our members, Katie Bacon, wrote the following letter to the editor in our Brookline Tab on the gas leaks problem. We'll be tagging Brookline Gas leaks next Saturday, May 13th. Our goal is to raise awareness of the extent of the gas leak issue, ask participants to sign postcards to Governor Baker 

Brookline teams participates in 4 events during the 2017 Climate Week in Brookline

Our Mothers Out Front Brookline team participated in Brookline's Climate Week this year, taking part in 4 events.  We started off in early March with a library display: 

Retrospective at the Library

Sarah, Cathy and Joan put together an informative retrospective on the gas leaks work in Massachusetts, displayed at the Brookline Main Library in March and April.

New pipeline will be unnecessary as soon as it's built

A new report by Synapse Energy Economics released on February 7th, 2017 shows that the new natural gas pipeline project advanced by Governor Baker and his administration will cost twice as much as proponents suggest and be unnecessary within a few years of completion. 

Gas Leaks Community Meeting

Our very first Brookline community meeting will focus on methane gas leaks.  There are over 300 gas leaks in Brookline, leaking methane gas into our noses and lungs, contributing to climate change and affecting our health.  Ania Camargo, a long time gas leaks activist and leader with Mothers Out Front will present the current data as well as our efforts on state-wide and town/city levels to correct this problem.

Tuesday, November 1st, 7pm

Hunneman Hall, Brookline Main Library, 361 Washington St. 

Refreshments served.

Interactive map of all gas leaks in Brookline:

Gas leaks in Brookline

We smelled it from the pipeline

One of our volunteers, Ann Abrams, created this musical interlude for your enjoyment ahead of our meeting on November 1st on gas leaks. 

We Smelled it from the Pipeline

I bet you’re wonderin’ how we learned
‘Bout some money that you have earned
From all those gas leaks from underground
In 20,000 places all around our towns*

It took us by surprise, we must say
When we found out that WE pay


We smelled it from the pipeline
Don’t you know that this is NOT fine!
We smelled it from the pipeline
And our children’s health is on the line
This isn’t funny, no!

Tune: “I heard it from the grapevine” by  Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong.

Adapted lyrics by Ann Abrams.

*There are 3,500 natural gas leaks in the greater Boston area and over 20,000 statewide!...Gas leaks account for more climate damage than all the cars in the city. Gas companies, who supply this gas for our cooking and heating through old, leaking pipes, are well aware of these leaks. But they have no incentive to fix them because the lost gas is paid for by rate increases to consumers.  Citizens in the Boston area pay over $90 million dollars a year, enough to heat 200,000 homes, for leaking gas that damages our health and our environment.  

From Mothers Out Front

Our meeting on November 1st at 7pm at the Main Library in Brookline, on 361 Washington St. will cover gas leaks in Massachusetts and what action we can take on a town/city and state levels. (Link to be corrected).

20 more clean energy lawn signs

Our Brookline team has set out 20 more clean energy lawn signs all around the city as a preface to our next round of door hangers going out this month.  With the lawn signs, the conversation about the need for clean energy investment and the initiative we can take as individuals moves out to the street, between neighbors and into communities.

Have you seen them? Sign up for clean electricity or get your own lawn sign: 

Clean energy lawn sign   Clean energy lawn sign


  Clean energy lawn sign    Clean energy lawn sign


  Clean energy lawn sign  Clean energy lawn sign  Clean energy lawn sign   


Clean energy lawn sign  Clean energy lawn sign  Clean energy lawn sign


Clean energy lawn sign  Clean energy lawn sign  Clean energy lawn sign

#GasLeaks Scavenger Hunt results

The results of our scavenger hunt for #gasleak flags are in: Susan Helms Daley and her daughter are the winners with 25 flag sightings posted to our Facebook page.  But we can't stop with their submissions: we received several wonderful contributions, so we thought we'd share these with you, in their own separate categories.

WINNERS - most flags found: Susan Helms Daley and her daughter

Gas Leak flags near Lawrence School

Saint Paul St gas leak flags

Best Flag finding with a k-9: Nicola Thompson and her dog

Nicola Thompson, gas leak at 91 SaintPaulSt

We feel really sad about the #gasleaks, also.  Since dogs have a better sense of smell, it's logical to assume they can smell methane leaks much better than we can. 

Best Selfie with a #GasLeakFlag: Mary Dewart, Climate activist, board member of Climate Action Brookline and Climate Week organizer

Mary Dewart - gas leak flag

Best group selfie - Emma Staff, Colby Ferrigno, Eva Morgan and Loren Spencer in front of Devotion Elementary School in Brookline

Group gas leak selfie

See all the submissions on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.

Thank you all who participated.  Add your voice to our petition to fix the #gasleaks: